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5 Best ASIC Bitcoin Mining Hardware Machines in 2022

5 Best ASIC Bitcoin Mining Hardware Machines in 2022

Today, bitcoin mining hardware is so unlike what it was 13 years ago when Bitcoin was launched. Back then, you only needed a CPU in a laptop or desktop computer, and you could hash your way to sweet profits. This changed when miners discovered graphics cards provided more hashing power and changed again when manufacturers developed ASICs.

ASICs, known in full as Application Specific Integrated Circuits, are the most efficient and profitable machines for mining. Think of them as pre-built dedicated mining hardware. They are available across a wide range of prices and specifications and mine different algorithms.

This begs the question, what are the best ASIC Bitcoin miners of 2022? This tutorial will provide tips on selecting mining hardware and exploring the top Bitcoin miners according to various criteria.

What makes a good ASIC Bitcoin miner?

Different miners have different needs and objectives. But overall, when looking for bitcoin mining hardware, you want to rank them based on the following factors;

  • Hashrate: This measures the computational power per second used when mining, i.e., mining speed in hash/second. Overall, the higher the hash rate, the more the calculations completed per second, and the more the profit. On the flipside, machines with more hashes per second cost more.
  • Efficiency: While a high hash rate is great, you want your miner to be as efficient as possible. This is because mining bitcoin uses electricity, which costs money. So, if your rig is inefficient in its power consumption, you won’t be making as much profit as you should due to the high energy bills.

An efficient Bitcoin mining hardware uses less electricity per hash. Some companies will run the miners for you from their warehouse in an effort to improve efficiency.

  • Price: How much does the ASIC Bitcoin miner cost? Generally, the more efficiency and hash rate a mining rig has, the higher it will cost. However, it’s not so much about how much your budget is, but how long it will take you to recoup your profits. So if you can get the same miner for a lower price, go for it.


The hash rate, efficiency, and price of an ASIC Bitcoin miner determine its profitability. It goes without saying that the best mining equipment is the most profitable one. So, before settling on any particular rig, it’s best to check its profitability.

The calculation is quite complex, but fortunately, there are dozens of free bitcoin mining calculators available online that will do the maths for you in a matter of seconds. These take into account the hash rate and power consumption of the machine, the cost of electricity, and the prevailing price of Bitcoin.

Note that the total network hash rate will also affect the profitability of your mining rig. This refers to the number of terahashes per second (TH/s) performed by the Bitcoin network in the last 24 hours.

Best ASIC Bitcoin Mining Hardware for 2022

The best bitcoin mining ASIC rigs include:

  1. AvalonMiner 1246
  2. Antminer S19 Pro
  3. Whatsminer M30S++
  4. Whatsminer M30S+
  5. Avalon Miner A1166 Pro

1. AvalonMiner 1246


Hashrate: 90Th/s

Power consumption: 3420 watts

Noise level: 75db

Temperature range: 5 – 30 °C

Weight: 12,800 g

Price: $3,890

This AvalonMiner rig is one of the most profitable Bitcoin miners in the market. Its 90Th/s hash rate, power consumption of 3420W, and 0.038j/Gh efficiency are a powerful combination that brings in around $16.50 in profits every day. So, you should recoup your investment after about six months of mining and enjoy an annual return of 153%.

2. Antminer S19 Pro


Hashrate: 110 Th/s

Power consumption: 3250 W (±5%)

Noise level: 75db

Temperature range: 5 – 40 °C

Weight: 15,500 g

Price: $2,860

The Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro has the highest hash rate, 110 Th/s, of any bitcoin in the market. Combine that with its high power consumption (3250 W) and remarkable efficiency (29.7 J/TH), and you have a reliable piece of mining hardware for Bitcoin and other SHA-256 cryptocurrencies.

Using an electricity cost of $0.12/kilowatt, most calculators estimate a profit of around $14.67 per day from this miner. It costs $2,860 (retail price), so the payback period is about 186 days with an annual return of 195%.

3. Whatsminer M30S++


Hashrate: 112TH/s

Power consumption: 3472 watts

Noise level: 75db

Temperature range: 5 – 40 °C

Weight: 12,800 g

Price: $3,999

This mining rig from Micro BT gives the S19 Pro a run for its money when it comes to daily profit. It brings in approximately $14.13 per day, which should help you recover your initial investment in around 280 days.

It has an efficiency of 0.31j/Gh.

4. Whatsminer M30S+


Hashrate: 100Th/s

Power consumption: 3400W

Noise level: 75DB

Temperature range: 5-40 °C


Price: $2740

The Whatsminer M30S+ is a less powerful version of the M30S++. Still, it manages to hold its own against the SHA-256 algorithm and deliver impressive daily profits of $13.71 every day. This translates to about $4,935 per year, allowing you to recover your investment within six to seven months of purchase.

It has an efficiency of 0.34j/Gh.

5. AvalonMiner 1166 Pro


Hashrate: 81TH/s

Power consumption: 3400 watts

Noise level: 75db

Temperature range: -5 – 35 °C.

Weight: 12800g

Price: $1,550

The AvalonMiner 1166 Pro is another popular rig for mining the SHA-256 Algorithm. With a maximum hash rate of 81TH/s for a power consumption of 3400W, the ASIC miner brings in a net profit of $7.70 per day, about $2,772.95 per year. This isn’t much, but given the relatively low retail price for the rig, it’s worth it if you can get your hands on one.


Bitcoin mining hardware is always changing. More powerful miners are manufactured every now and then as older miners get pushed out of the industry. Thus, what was profitable yesterday may not be profitable today. Overall though, AvalonMiner 1246, Antminer S19 Pro, Whatsminer M30S++, Whatsminer M30S+, and the Avalon Miner A1166 Pro should give you the best value.

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